Document Management System


Businesses are finding themselves bolted down with handling huge amount of printed documents in executing the business activities. These include documents from various business process activities such as contracts, purchases, sales, customer or supplier correspondences, etc. 

Some of the challenges they are facing include: –

  • Substantial time and efforts being spent on filing, searching and retrieval of the relevant document
  • Increasingly expensive storage space for printed documents
  • Unstructured and dispersed storage of critical documents
  • Uncontrolled access to restricted documents
  • Risk of fire on losing the critical documents

Our OpenKM DMS system manages enterprise digital contents centrally and supports its full life cycle management, from creation, alteration, approval, sharing to its eventual disposal handling. 

Business users collect information from any digital source; collaborate with colleagues on documents and projects; and capitalise on uploaded documents via powerful searching capabilities.

OpenKM Solution Benefits

  • Achieve faster ROI and lower TCO 
  • Increase available marketing hours for revenue generating activities
  • Search and access documents anytime, anywhere
  • Engage in workflow processes to collaboratively manage documents between multiple departments and offices
  • Eliminate printed documents storage to save office space and costs
  • Reduce time and labor to copy, file, and retrieve printed documents
  • Support comprehensive document access controls via need to view and edit basis
  • Extend business continuity and disaster recovery programs by digitising critical hard copy files in the event of disaster
  • Make the information that drives your business to be more resilient and beneficial

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